January 13, 2017

We had some warm temps, rain and fog over the last couple days but considering we faired well. Still plenty of snow just not the nice soft stuff we had that only firmed up from cold temps and grooming. As of this am trails were solid but not icy.
Be cautious of water bars that could have opened up like this widow-maker below I fixed on Rockabema’s ITS 81 crossing between Shin Pond and Patten just south of the Owlsboro Rd. It’s easy crossed now and the pallets will allow the water to keep flowing and the groomer will eastablish the trail over the top.
Tonight Les is out grooming ITS114/64 to where it meets ITS 81 just outside of Patten, including one pass around the Katahdin Loop trail off 64 .
Johnny is out grooming 114/85/71D to Grand Lake Sebeios. When Les gets back I’ll be doing ITS114/85 south to the Mudbrook Rd crossing north of Whetstone. The Benedicta club has done 83 out of Sherman to Whetstone and NEOC is coming north of ITS85 to Whetstone. I haven’t been able to get confirmation of If they’ve been north on ITS 83 out of East Mill/Medway to Whetstone but I would think would be.
The trail riding will be quite good just keep in mind if a trail hasn’t been groomed since the refreeze you could have lubrication problem without studs or scratchers.
Hope to see you all this weekend 👍🏼☃

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